The extreme heavy duty, cellular core XL Overlap Mat Solution that is perfectly built to handle the toughest ground conditions.

  •  600 psi load capacity
  • Temporary ground protection
  • Can withstand all weather and ground conditions – including river deltas, marshlands, wetlands, peat bogs and more!
  • Perfect for the fracking and oil industries!

For Use In Applications Such As:

• Civil Engineering
• Construction Industry
• Oil & Gas Industries 
• Utilities

• Transmission
• Infrastructure
• Military Sites 
• Events

Product Features:

• Material: High Molecular Weight Polethylene
• Size: 13’1″(L) x 6’5″(W)x 3.54″(D)
• Weight: 794 Llbs
• traction® surface nub design for maximum grip
• 7.87″ overlap on all sides

• Exclusive Four3™ camlock connector
• 2 fixing points per mat required out of 16, allowing for multiple configurations
• Foam filled cellular core to prevent intake of liquids